Diego Berdakin


Testimonials provided by students of Diego Berdakin.

I love Diego -- in a respectful way. I think he's great, smart and humble. I tell everyone about the class and feel that it's enriching my idea of becoming a entrepreneur and helping me to think about business in new ways.

Diego Berdakin is an amazing person and teacher. Extremely passionate and interested to help the students. Does not cookie cut and tells you what he truly thinks.

Diego Berdakin is -very- knowledgable about what he is talking about, and brings in incredible speakers. He is extremely good at deconstructing ideas as well as helping us develop the strengths of our projects while minimizing its weaknesses.

Talk about someone who can multitask and is awesome at it. The first day of class when we were talking about companies Diego was involved in. I was blown away with the amount of relevant companies. Great teacher, great class.

Diego is incredibly knowledgable and caring. This guy encompasses everything that a teacher should be.

Berdakin is intelligent, knowledgeable, motivational and very insightful on real-life issues.

Diego has a wide array of knowledge and was very open to sharing it with us.

Diego was really good at explaining concepts to the class that we would not be able to learn about in other classes.

Diego completely fulfills the marketing aspect of the class.

Diego is knowledgeable, engaging and extremely talented at teaching. I think Diego and Chris make a powerhouse duo teaching team.